Episode 009- Pomelo


Where Purchased: Somewhere in Florida

Special Guest: Grant Sterley…follow him on Twitter!

Description: Kristen and Curtis disagree on whether or not surprises are fun, discuss Disney movies and shamelessly beg for sponsorships from several companies. They interview Grant Sterley and review a pomelo.

Download episode 09 on iTunes or listen on this page below.

2015-10-29_201655415_15490_iOS 2015-10-29_201547648_17F42_iOS 2015-10-29_200520641_51235_iOS 2015-10-29_200421789_C30C3_iOS 2015-10-29_200425424_96E9B_iOS 2015-10-29_200414986_03ADD_iOS 2015-10-29_200319979_3C3AD_iOS 2015-10-29_200317445_A6829_iOS 2015-10-29_200055717_D9FA6_iOS 2015-10-29_200101343_4A8E2_iOS 2015-10-29_200053009_2C0D0_iOS 2015-10-29_200005250_3E9E4_iOS 2015-10-29_192800895_A47AF_iOS


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